My Ultimate Ecommerce Growth Playbook

From Zero to 6-Figures & Beyond!

Thursday, August 24th

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No more guesswork. No more hustle or overwhelm.

Discover the 3 Pillars to Generating Consistent and PREDICTABLE eCommerce traffic and sales in 2023.

(Even if your'e just starting out, or you've hit a plateau in your business!)

During this live Workshop you'll learn:

The 3 most destructive myths about eCommerce that keep businesses small, poor and struggling

My step-by-step playbook for generating predictable and growing revenue, removing the guesswork and without the hustle or overwhelm

The 3 essential pillars to getting consistent traffic and sales that enable you to grow a successful eCommerce business in 2023 & beyond

The EXACT strategies I'm using RIGHT NOW to 2X the number of website traffic and sales in your eCommerce store in 2023

And so much more...

About the Workshop

Nobody wants their brand’s growth to come at the expense of long, exhausting workweeks and missed happy hours.⁣

If you’re OVER feeling constantly “behind” when it comes to the needs of your online store – I hear you. ⁣⁣


Get ready to reclaim clarity and control of your growth – with the confidence of knowing how to generate consistent, predictable traffic and sales in your online store.⁣⁣


Join me in my FREE live and interactive workshop so you can go from an overwhelmed hustle-mentality to one of ease and flow when it comes to generating consistent, profitable traffic & sales in your online store.⁣⁣

Ready to learn how to grow a recession-proof eCommerce business?

Let's do it!

This value packed interactive training is FREE and includes:

  • We'll bust the most common (but detrimental) myths about growing eCommerce brands
  • The fatal mistake brands are making that keeps them small, poor and struggling
  • How to set up your eCommerce marketing correctly (without throwing a tonne of cash at advertising!)
  • The 3 essential pillars to building a profitable eCommerce marketing strategy (working smarter, not harder)
  • How to grow an online store with predictable, consistent traffic and sales (without the constant guesswork or overwhelm)
  • How to generate a consistent flow of high-converting traffic at a profit in 2023 & beyond...

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August 24th, 2023

12pm AEST
(3pm Auckland)

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Meet the Instructor

Catherine Langman
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Catherine Langman

I believe that anyone can have a brilliant idea, to create their own innovative product. But not everyone knows how to translate that into a commercial success. That’s where I come in…

I teach Productpreneurs how to build their brands and grow a highly profitable product-based business, using the latest online marketing, eCommerce and wholesale strategies.