Do you think you’ll sell out after a Kardashian endorsement?

I recently worked with a brand who seemed to have achieved exactly what others were striving for:

Laura from A Little Pocket designs and manufactures amazing kids’ clothing that was being snapped up by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Gwen Stefani and Beyonce.

There were social media images of their celebrity kids wearing her designs and people asking where they could get them.

These celebrity kids weren’t wearing freebies either – their parents had bought them just like everybody else.

This must have brought in massive sales, right? Wrong!

Read on to find out what to do when Influencer campaigns don’t work

Why Influencer Campaigns don't work (& what to do instead)

As thrilling as it is to have well-known celebrities show your some love, likes and comments don’t pay the bills.

Sadly, Instagram influencer campaigns don’t always work. And you should never rely on them as your sole method of marketing!

Sales on the A Little Pocket website were inconsistent.

With so much free publicity and celebrity endorsement, why was this?

It’s quite simple and comes down to something I see with brands over and over again.

We all love our own brand and we want others to love it too, but we’re afraid of shouting out our name and telling people about ourselves.

Whether this comes from a place of fear or humility, I’m here to tell you it has to stop!

If you don’t blow your own horn, no-one else is going to do it for you!

Laura designed and manufactured her kids clothing range meticulously, with a superb eye for detail.

But she wasn’t posting on her social media channels or contacting her email list regularly.

Why? Because, in her words, she didn’t want to annoy them.

Let’s get something straight right now:

If someone doesn’t want you to email them, they won’t give you their email address.

If someone doesn’t want to see your Facebook or Instagram posts, they won’t like or follow you in the first place.

(And as a side note, this is why you should never be too worried about a few unsubscribes here and there – if they are not your target customer, let them go! You want an engaged audience, not big numbers of people who aren’t interested in buying!)

You need to give your people what they want!

Your story. Your products. Their benefits. Behind the scenes insights. On-brand, relatable content. And share it consistently.

These people have engaged with your brand because they want to know more and they are your captive audience to nurture into buying your products on an ongoing basis.

So for Laura and A Little Pocket we developed an entirely automated email marketing strategy that engaged with and nurtured her potential and new customers while she focussed on the arrival of her newest range.

We created highly targeted social media content and Facebook ads to bring A Little Pocket’s ideal customers to the website and retarget them if they didn’t immediately buy.

(Working with the right Influencers who share your target audience can definitely be part of building brand awareness amongst your customers. But this should compliment your other marketing strategies.)

When the stunning new A Little Pocket range was ready, we developed a launch strategy and switched all of the automations and social media advertising to “Go!” and we were off!

With guidance while she got her confidence up, Laura emailed her list every week and posted to her social media at least every few days.

The result?

A Little Pocket surpassed the previous collection’s sales figures in just seven weeks.

In fact, sales from this launch increased over 450% compared to their previous launch!

Plus, the automated systems are now all in place, ticking over in the background for A Little Pocket.

And when the next collection drops? All Laura has to do is look back to the previous launch strategy and replicate the process with a few tweaks here and there.

This is what working smarter, not harder, is all about.

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