Creating an online marketing plan that actually works can feel a bit like trying to nail jello to the wall…

It can be frustrating and just the worst. 

Most days you’re somewhere between ‘what does that even mean?,’ and ‘I guess this will have to do.’

  • You glare at the computer screen every time you’re ‘supposed to’ write an email newsletter.
  • New promotion? Sale? Advertising? You just want to bang your head against the wall trying to work out what’s the right thing to do next.
  • Trying to come up with a new product launch is driving you to insanity.
  • And seriously, everyone else is making it look so damn easy!

Well, enough of this sad dance. What if INSTEAD, someone could just swoop in and see your awesome product for what it is and your business for what it could be…

…point out your blind spots PLUS all of the opportunities you’re missing,

…and then hand you a customized, you-focused online marketing plan that illustrates all of that plus killer, laser focused automation campaigns so that you can actually put it all into action instead of just staring longingly at your beautiful product?

No, it’s not a pipe dream; it’s CONVERSION MACHINE: a done-for-you online marketing plan that doesn’t suck—so you can focus on what really matters.

CONVERSION MACHINE is about giving you the more than just a killer strategy for your website, but also real, actual automated campaigns you can use right this minute. Like, now.

Because working hard hardly works if it lacks direction.

Because your products are awesome, but they need to be pitched to the right people.

Because no one will give two hoots about your products if you’re pumping out generic promotions and offers that don’t nail it every single time.

Because there are big, fat, amazing opportunities out there that you haven’t even considered.

Because DIY has driven you up the WALL and it’s beginning to be a waste of time and money and energy.

And mostly: because once you establish a clear, sharp, brilliant strategy + plan, you’ll discover that selling on your website becomes effortless.

EFFORTLESSLY. Can you even imagine? Being a never-ending source of products and offers that your customers SNAP UP, they’re so good.

Well, you better start. Because all of this translates to: a bigger (and more interested) list of potential customers, a steady stream of (happier) buyers, more exposure, and more moola. Plain and simple.


But before we start thinking of all the ways we’re going to spend our riches, let’s get into what exactly CONVERSION MACHINE means. CONVERSION MACHINE is not a generic, one size fits all marketing plan (barf). Instead, it’s a tailored strategy and action plan that is custom made for you and only you and no one else dammit. Click here to get started.

Here’s my educated hunch on how you may be feeling at this point in your business:

  • You have so many ideas about how to put together your product offers, specials and promotions that you have no clue where to start or what to focus on.
  • Or even worse, you haven’t had a new idea in months, and so you sit and stare at the content you can’t create and think of all of the customers who aren’t hearing from you like they should.
  • You’ve been doing this too long to be guessing when you create new products and promotions. Especially when the guesswork leads to generic copycat offerings that everyone and their dog are offering.
  • You are confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated because every day you waste precious time that should be going towards watching the products you really care about fly off your digital shelves!
  • You walk around green with envy when people in your field get media opportunities or when you see their products absolutely everywhere, because for some reason they know exactly what they’re doing and IT’S NOT FAIR.
  • You know the customers you want to serve, but you’re hazy on the whole marketing-to-them thing – and you kinda just wish someone sit you down and walk you through it all.
  • You want help; but not generic advice or another e-book; you want a real, live, actionable plan and someone who will break it down for you so you can focus, start selling, and finally have a steady stream of promotions that reel in the customers (and the dollars).

Does this feel alarmingly familiar? Have you fallen asleep thinking these things? Well stop banging your head against your desk (because the people at the coffee shop are staring), and wave the little white flag that says, “PLEASE HELP ME AND ALSO SEND CUPCAKES.”

No promises on the cupcakes, but what I can promise, is that CONVERSION MACHINE will get you out of the trenches and into the limelight; out of the rut and really onto something.

So what’s included in this whole shebang? (Spoiler alert: it’s enough that it will make you cry tears of relief):

>> In-depth insight into exactly what your customers want and need (so you never waste your time creating products, offers or promotions they aren’t really interested in).
>> One-on-one strategy sessions with me (either in person or via Skype) to dive deep into your business, sort out any lingering uncertainty around your customer’s buying profile, product positioning or website’s ability to sell, and create a solid base for creating your sales automation strategy.
>> Done-for-you sales automation campaigns that you can roll out immediately, designed to attract new ready-to-buy customers to your website and turn your paying customers into raving fans who come back to buy again and again!

>> Then I’ll follow that up with some easy-to-repeat instructions on what I did, how I did it, and how you can replicate it in the future, so even when the plan that I’ve created for you runs out, you can continue to be an endless stream of perfectly positioned products and offers for your customers, which will make you look like the little mind reader that you are.

And it’s all designed specifically for you, your specific product/brand/business, and no-one else.

Let’s talk more about how this plays out, shall we? Click here.

Think of this as a luxury, VIP, solo retreat (me-treat?) It’s your time to take a break from business as usual and let me do the work. The time between our two calls should be spent doing something that refreshes you—a yoga class, a good book, a hot cup of tea—you get the idea. Take yourself out for lunch knowing that your business is getting a MAJOR boost.

The whole process goes a little something like this:

>> You sign yourself up and take a big sigh of relief that someone’s in your corner. Next, we schedule our time together and define our scope of work and timeline. For an in-depth action plan like this, we may work together over a 2-3 month period.

>> At the start we’ll work together on setting goals, understanding the industry, reviewing your website’s current capabilities. Then, most importantly, we survey your customers to research their buying habits. We’re diving deep into your business and giving ourselves the best chance to figure out exactly what your customers want, when and how they want it.

>> The last part is creating and implementing three tailored sales automation campaigns. Once these babies are up and running, you’ll be on your own and kicking some serious online sales butt!

Our time together will change everything for you.


Are you ready to build your credibility, boost your customer base, and create amazing product offers and promotions that your dreamiest of customers will eat up (and share everywhere)?

Are you overdue for some creativity and confidence; hungry for someone to just come in and do it all for you for once?

Are you excited about learning how all of the moving parts of your online business fit together so you can start leveraging everything like a serious pro who knows what the hell they’re doing, and not just following generic business advice that isn’t working for you?

Are you anxious to stop feeling anxious about putting your business out there in big, badass ways?

Are you ready to stop talking about it and start doing it? Or rather – start having ME do it for you? You are? ME TOO. 

CONVERSION MACHINE offers the 3 magic business words you’ve been desperate for: Done For You.

It’s time to stop winging it and start winning it.

Let’s go. Click here to get started.

Requirements to book in your CONVERSION MACHINE:

  • You have a product-based business and sell online and have been doing this for at least 12 months. This means that you’re relatively clear on your niche and your ideal customers. We’ll iron out any small kinks as we go, but you do need to have a business already.
  • You have a website with a shopping cart (ya know, the place where we are implementing all of the content I will create for you.)
  • You either have or are willing to put in place, a quality email marketing system (one with automation capabilities.)
  • You are ready to REALLY put yourself, your business and your products out there with a solid plan and focus.
  • You are ready to own your expertise position as leader in your industry!

Sound like you? Click here – let’s do the damn thing!