What is your business goal for the next year? 6-figures for the year? or per month?

Let me show you what’s possible…

Building a 6 figure business in 12 months

Bodypaint artist – Wendy Fantasia | Photographer – Hilary Wardhaugh Photography

Meet Rachelle, who achieved 6-figure turnover in her first 12 months!

I call Rachelle Panitz “The Accidental Productpreneur”! She launched non-profit So Brave, which designs and produces the most beautiful printed calendar, early in 2016.

As a young breast cancer survivor herself, Rachelle wanted to bring awareness to the fact that #youngwomengetbreastcancertoo.

That goal inspired the creation of her calendar product. She teamed up with a group of talented body painters and photographers, as well as 11 other ‘calendar girls’ – other young breast cancer survivors.

And in her first year in business, Rachelle has achieved 6 figures in revenue, through selling on her own eCommerce website and via wholesale stockists!

Click here to read more about the So Brave story and grab your calendar today.

How she launched and sold her product

It’s always inspiring to find out how other business owners achieve results.

In Rachelle’s case, being a non-profit, her marketing budget was effectively zero.

Instead, she’s leveraged publicity, she’s put on events, she’s gained sponsors, and she’s networked like crazy.

The So Brave calendar is sold through retail stockists as well as on the So Brave website.

Creating and sharing original video content on Facebook has proven to work really well at engaging with her audience. A number of the videos have “gone viral”, helping to raise brand awareness as well as sales.

Making 6 figures in year 1 is not all sunshine and roses…

There’s so much you don’t know when you start designing or developing a new brand or product. The analogy of an iceberg is so true!

The end product of a Calendar is just the tip of the iceberg. To get that end result involved so much planning, coordination and organisation.

Rachelle’s 3 top tips from developing her product and launching it to market

The first would be to take it one step at a time. If we’d known all the steps and the journey we would take to get to this point, it would have seen so difficult. But the passion and the drive and excitement from one idea continues to drive us through all the unknowns.

Next is a Marie Forleo favourite – everything is figure-outable. This means that you may not have any idea what you’re facing but you can always figure it out, and there are always people who will know what you need. Utilise your networks to find the people you need and get the help you need if you need it.

And finally, just keep swimming. When challenges come up, acknowledge and deal with them and keep going. Keep focussed on your goal and what you’re wanting to achieve.

And one final word – Rachelle’s secret to success:

Utilise the talents and networks of those people around you and make sure you stay focussed on your goals!

“We are so very grateful to all the wonderful people who have shared their time, their skills and leant their support to this project. It has been this collective that has created such success in such a short amount of time.”

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