My clients’ testimonials say it all! I am grateful and humbled, to have had the chance to work with some extraordinary and inspiring business owners (mostly women but some men too!), to have helped them to achieve their goals and seen great results in their businesses.


“My business idea was inspired by my passion to save the planet but I was completely naive about how to sell a product. It is only thanks to Catherine’s amazing program that my business idea turned into reality and then grew. After two years, it is quickly outgrowing my home kitchen and I’m outsourcing product manufacture in order to keep up with demand. Catherine’s strategies really work. She is always up to date with the ever-changing retail landscape. She has helped me solve problems and provided trusted advice on just about every aspect of my business. Being a part of Catherine’s client social media group amplifies this amazing support as it’s a place where I know I can seek help or to just to find people who understand the lows as well as the highs as they come. Honestly, sign up to Catherine’s program, you will not regret it!” Dr Maretta Mann, Two Winged Fruit


“Working with Catherine was real game changer for my business. Previously I was always stuck working IN my business rather than ON my business, and much of what I did was reactive rather than proactive.

Catherine taught me the importance of planning [everything], tracking my numbers and optimising my website! Implementing her system of attracting new customers [on autopilot] was exactly what I needed. While lots of the things I learnt were ”big picture”, the support network provided was also fantastic. As a solo business owner it can be quite isolating and I really enjoyed the regular meetings with both Cath and her other clients too as they also helped keep me accountable!” Chelsea Papadopoulos, Tiptoe & Co


Catherine Langman review“It’s only been a few months since implementing Catherine’s tips, but I can already see the success of her tips working. In 3 months I’ve grown my sales over 200%!

I am really excited to see how her changes improve things for me over the next 12 months. Next season I have doubled the stock that I have ordered, so I’m hoping to double sales again.

That will be a 400% increase in 6 months! So my goals have definitely increased after working with Catherine. I’m really excited about this growth in my business.

I would recommend Catherine to anyone who wants to scale and grow their business. It’s amazing when you make little tweaks here and there how they add up to many more sales each day!” Andrea Goulding, Kapow Kids


Michelle-Kuramochi“I have been working with Catherine for 9 months. Been in business 4 years, and have tried many things and had ups and downs, but in this last 9 months I’ve been able to get really clear on exactly what I needed to do.

Feeling so very accomplished and very grateful grateful…Thank you Catherine for all I have learnt from you and your course! This is a snap shot of my sales tracker…

client case study: 540% sales growth

My wholesale orders are on top of this. Biggest month on record!” Michelle Kuramochi, Cheeky Chompers


Catherine Langman testimonial“I still get a shock everyday when I look at our sales figures. I half expect “the bubble to burst” and that our sales will drop back to our “old normal”…but each week they keep going up. It’s been a year since I started working with Catherine and I’ve experienced nearly 4000% sales growth, growing from 4 figures to multiple 6 figures! Thanks Catherine for regularly kicking my butt into staying focused rather than running off here and there! And thank you for the MWF program…it’s my biz bible.” Kristy Rigby, Babiators


Kylie-Jooste“Just wanted to share with you our figures as we’ve just reached $100K in online sales this year (excludes expos & wholesale). This is a 60% increase in just 4 months!  It feels good that despite the juggle with the kids, the business is growing! Client case study: 60% sales growth


I’m excited about the potential growth I can have when the kids are actually at school and I have a bit more time, ha ha. Thanks for all your help!” Kylie Jooste, Cheeky Wipes


Laura-Klein“Since joining your program a few months ago, I wanted to check in to let you know how much I am enjoying everything, and that my learning curve has sky rocketed. And so has my business!
I have made some subtle changes to website, shopping cart, emails, images, shipping price structure and FB ads, and the sales are going ballistic! In the first 8 months of this year, I’ve grown over 10x more than my entire last year’s sales!
I’ve enjoyed all your videos. I’m still working on the automation stuff, it’s a lot of work!!! But I’m getting there. I’m really loving the fb community too. So many great ideas.” Laura Klein, Snotty Noses


eva_profile“I approached Cath with an idea that I had for creating an online sales and marketing campaign targeting wholesale clients. My idea was very targeted to a specific retail niche. To begin with, I only had the bare bones of the campaign – Cath took this and turned it into an ordered, comprehensive, all-encompassing strategy. To say that I was happy with the outcome and Cath’s professionalism would be an understatement. Cath provided a total marketing experience that I was absolutely thrilled to receive and very happy to recommend.” Eva van Strijp, Oz Baby Trends


Heather Cameron“Catherine helped me discover new, easy-to-implement opportunities (that were there all along!) to get my product in front of more of my target audience and boost my sales quickly! I thought it would be much more complicated and time-consuming but it wasn’t. Catherine makes things easy to understand.” Heather Cameron, The Making Table


Valerie-Petersen“After working with Catherine and implementing her marketing automation strategies, my website sales increased by over 40% in 6 months! Before that, sales on my website had been static. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cath to anyone who is serious about growing their online business.” Valerie Petersen, Inner-B


Nathasha-Hawker“I believe Catherine is masterful at building solid, profitable relationships and developing creating email marketing strategies to catapult her own and clients’ online sales and quickly improve their bottom line. Catherine knows the inside secrets of how to sell more products online with less effort. If you get the chance to have Catherine on your team, go for it – she’ll make you money!” Natasha Hawker, Employee Matters


Ken-Spalding“I have worked with Catherine for several years and seen first hand how effective her strategies are at driving sales. Her knowledge and experience would be an asset to anyone wishing to sell their products online.” Ken Spalding, Gumnut Clean


Catherine Langman review“Thank you so much! I feel so much more confident now, you have done more for me than all other coaches combined!” Irene Prantalos, Salubre




Catherine Langman testimonial“Hi Catherine, I just wanted to send you a note to advise I just smashed my December online sales number in Jan! The month when you wouldn’t expect it. The month when everyone said it would be tough and rubbish. In December they all said that’s as good as it gets. I fought a hard battle, made sure I was consistent. Made sure there was profit and not giving stock away every day. Making sure I was the brand, people loved me and what I was about.

I’m 5 days of the end of the month and I’ve made more profit than ever before. And I’m letting you know this because your course put things into perspective. So thank you! Thanks for inspiring me!” Angela Rich, Flowerchild


“So far I’ve done some tweaks to my site and set up my email automations. I’m loving this course because it’s the first that actually explains how to set up your sales Funnels. Other courses have just had me draw up a loose “customer path” but never went into detail about how to get customers from one step to the next.

It’s definitely changing the way that I approach all aspects of my business already. I’m seeing so many opportunities and how they can all play off each other.

These past two months (Oct/Nov) have already been much higher than last year’s Oct/Nov and we haven’t even done our Black Friday sale yet.” Heather Mudry, Mama Malas