• 5 Powerful Strategies That Supercharged My Growth

    5 powerful strategies for online sales success

    Don’t you just wish someone would give you a guide to a successful business? A roadmap that tells you exactly what you need to do in order to achieve sales growth? I know I used to feel like that sometimes. Not when things were going great, but the other times. The times when everything seems to […]

  • How To Write Emails That Persuade, Promote & Profit

    Email writing tips to persuade, promote and profit

    Do you use email marketing to grow your eCommerce sales? When I started my first business, I spent hours googling for tips on how to write my marketing emails. I’d heard about eCommerce businesses using email newsletters to increase sales, and that’s still true today. In 2020, the most successful online stores send email newsletters out […]

  • Actually, making 6 figures is easy. Want to know how?

    Actually, making 6 figures is easy. Want to know how?

    Find out the 2 step formula for building a 6 figure eCommerce business Just this week, I’ve had several conversations with ambitious (but struggling) business owners. Some were start-ups, some who’ve been around for a while. All of them have dreams of running 6 figure plus online stores, like my clients Kristy and Laura. But […]

  • How To Run A Successful End Of Financial Year Sale

    How to run a successful end of financial year sale

    As we approach the end of financial year, you may be considering running a clearance sale or flash sale (affectionately known as an EOFYS). There’s the temptation to reduce how much you need to count during your stock-take. Or to get a few quick sales over the line before having to pay the tax man. There […]

  • Do your customers love you?

    Customers Remember How You Make Them Feel

    Last week I wrote about how cultivating satisfied, happy, loyal customers is the secret sauce to growing a profitable online business. Because the most profitable sales are the repeat sales made to existing customers. Constantly finding new customers and only selling to them once is an expensive process and not particularly profitable. I also outlined an […]