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  • How to market your eCommerce store in an hour a day

    How to market your ecommerce store in an hour a day

    How would you describe ‘success’ in your business? Is it a profitable lifestyle business? An empire? Or perhaps a fully automated passive income stream? That’s the dream, right? To be able to sit back and relax and watch the orders flow in. Ka-ching! Believe it or not, this IS actually possible WITHOUT working yourself to […]

  • How To Get Repeat Purchases From Your Ecommerce Customers

    How to increase repeat purchase

    It’s hard enough getting a customer to buy from you for the first time… So how do you get repeat purchases from your eCommerce customers? If you increase repeat purchase rate by 5%, you can potentially increase your profitability by up to 95%! Most eCommerce stores spend the majority of their marketing dollars on driving […]

  • How To Automate Your New And Repeat Sales In 3 Easy Steps

    & Generate Over 1300% More Revenue Per Email Subscriber On average, as an eCommerce store, around 20% of your total revenue is generated by email marketing. Does that sound high to you? Or are you doing even better than that? Where does email automation fit into this? For most online stores, only about 2-8% is […]

  • Increase Customer Loyalty: The Secret Sauce for a Profitable eCommerce Business

    Every single business owner I talk to – clients, students and others alike – wants a profitable business. But many don’t realise that the secret sauce is to increase customer loyalty. This article discusses an oft-missed step in growing a profitable eCommerce business – increase customer loyalty. This step can be the single most important […]

  • Want to explode your sales? You need an eCommerce funnel

    Do you want an eCommerce funnel that converts? Some people think email marketing is dead, but I’m still a fan. Bottom line is, it works. The concept of an eCommerce sales funnel is this: Growing your email list and sending them a sequence of sales emails designed to convert the subscriber into a customer. When […]

  • How to Grow Your eCommerce Sales on Autopilot

    So you want to grow ecommerce sales on autopilot? And do you want to do that without having to work a million more hours a week than you already are? I don’t know about you, but I gave up “working for da man” so I could STOP trading dollars for hours! Sure you need to […]

  • How to turn a funky product into a runaway success

    Find out how this designer achieved over 200% online sales growth in 3 months! Have you created your own label? Designed your own range or established your own brand? Whether it is clothing or something else, being a designer/maker/creator/brand-owner is often as much a passion-project as it is a sensible, logical, business proposition. Do you […]

  • Want to start a business? Learn from my mistakes…

    Here are 5 things I’d do if I were to start my eCommerce business from scratch in 2017 I started my first eCommerce business in 2007. Not that long ago, but it feels like a lifetime ago. Entrepreneur years are like dog years, I reckon! Obviously, things are different in 2017 compared to 2007 when […]

  • How to Sell (Without Being Salesy!)

    Learning how to find your customers and then getting comfortable ‘selling’ is a huge deal. Converting website visitors, email subscribers and social media followers into customers is a huge deal and generating consistent profit is the goal for all of us, right? This week I’m a guest on the Mums With Hustle podcast, where I walk […]

  • 5 Rookie Marketing Automation Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

    After 5+ years of using marketing automation to sell my products online, you can bet that I’ve made every mistake in the book! Have you been there? Talk about frustration-central! I want to share some of those rookie mistakes with you here, along with specific tactics to help you seamlessly bypass any unnecessary challenges that […]