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  • Is Your Online Store Ready For Facebook Ads?

    How to know your online store is ready for Facebook ads

    Right now, many brands are struggling to get decent results from advertising on social media and I’m seeing many give it up as an expensive lost cause. In some cases, that’s the right move. But for most of us, stopping altogether is a disaster! Because, without TRAFFIC to our online store? Nothing else matters. And […]

  • 7 Insights To Unlock Your Christmas Bonanza

    7 Insights To Unlock Your Christmas Bonanza

    For many online stores, the lead up to Christmas is your biggest sales season of the year. It is one time of year when you can pretty much guarantee that shoppers will be out in force, spending money like it grows on trees! It can be tempting to sit back and rely on gift-buying Christmas […]

  • How To Create An Ecommerce Facebook Ad Funnel

    How to generate a profitable ROI with your Ecommerce Facebook Ads Funnel

    Wondering how you can sell more products on your online store using Facebook ads? Or looking for tips to target your customers through their buyer journey? In this article, you’ll discover the exact steps my client Diana from Milkbar Breastpumps took to build an effective, profitable eCommerce Facebook ad funnel. How we generated a profitable […]

  • How to overcome eCommerce roadblocks to success

    Overcome roadblocks when selling products online

    What to do when customers want to try things on before buying… Sometimes it’s hard for customers to buy online. Not because of the website itself, but because the product is difficult to choose without seeing it or trying it on. You may find this if you sell items like clothes, underwear, swimwear, shoes, make-up, […]

  • Actually, making 6 figures is easy. Want to know how?

    Actually, making 6 figures is easy. Want to know how?

    Find out the 2 step formula for building a 6 figure eCommerce business Just this week, I’ve had several conversations with ambitious (but struggling) business owners. Some were start-ups, some who’ve been around for a while. All of them have dreams of running 6 figure plus online stores, like my clients Kristy and Laura. But […]

  • How To Identify Your Most Profitable Customers

    How to identify your most profitable customers

    Do you know how to figure out who are your most profitable customers? In business, we shouldn’t treat our customers like parents treat their children. We absolutely SHOULD love some customers more than others! Let me explain. And in the process, I’ll give you some insight into your customers, and explain how to build your business […]