One of the main things that sets me apart in the sea of business coaches and online marketing consultants is that I’ve operated two different physical product businesses (that generated millions of dollars in sales).

You see, there is this BIG LIE floating around that there can be a “one size fits all” solution guaranteed to help you grow ANY kind of business – a service, or product, or information business.

But the truth is that different types of business have different types of problems.

So, if you’re a Productpreneur in need of growing your business, this blog’s for you!

Here are 5 proven steps to grow your PRODUCT business. (Don’t miss the free guide at the end!)

skyrocket your business in 5 proven steps

Like many good things in life, I became an entrepreneur almost by accident.

Back in 2005, I became a mother. My first son was a honeymoon baby and boy what a life-changer he was!

I thought being a Mum was the best thing since sliced bread – so good in fact that I had another son a year later.

There was absolutely no way I could go back to my previous career after that. My background was in branding and advertising for blue chip corporate and government clients (the Coca Colas, Blackmores and Microsofts of the world).

But the ethical dilemma of designing packaging for a tobacco company and the boredom of creating advertising for a bank drove me to seek a more professionally satisfying and family-friendly role.

So I started my own business.

But I wasn’t just creating a job for myself – I was on a mission to change the world, one nappy at a time.

Inspired by my own baby, my business designed, manufactured, distributed and retailed eco-friendly nappies for babies.

I wanted to create a business that was lucrative, successful, and yet flexible around the needs of my family.

And that meant – my business needed to be profitable.

Build it and they will come?

As a business coach and online marketing consultant, I speak with many small business owners on a daily basis.

Often they seek me out after they’ve launched their business, completely stressed because they’re not making sales.

They used to think that the hard work was in setting up their business, creating or sourcing their products and building their website.

Unfortunately, the hard work starts AFTER you’ve launched.

That’s when reality sets in – you need to know how to make sales!

Customer attraction formula

In my own business, I was able to grow from a micro operation run from my dining room table into a highly profitable business, consistently doing 5-6 figures each month in sales.

Since then, I’ve gone on to replicate this success in two other businesses of my own, as well as those of many of my clients.

How did I achieve this?

By creating a repeatable system for online sales as well as robust wholesale distribution. AND by building a brand that truly connected with my audience.

My unique process, tailored to those who are building their own brand, allows you to get your brand noticed as well as to grow an army of raving fans both online and offline.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Attract Your Tribe

Not everyone will be obsessed with you, but some will – your job is to work out who those people are. This goes for both your end-customers as well as your wholesale stockists.

Clarifying the kind of customers you want to serve gives you the power to absolutely knock their socks off with your perfectly-matched products, your mouth-watering content, and your promotions will start generating a shoe-sale-frenzy level of excitement amongst your tribe!

Check out this recent post I wrote all about becoming an Irresistible Brand!

Step 2: Start A Conversation

In a marketplace inundated with ‘Buy Now!’ messages, it’s hard to engage with your audience. They’re so wary of brands wanting them to spend money.

Rather than starting a conversation with your potential customers with an offer to buy (hello pop-ups with your 15% off discounts!), why not start a conversation?

What does your audience need to know in order to want to buy your product? Educate them first BEFORE asking them to buy.

Step 3: Convert Customers

What is the ultimate job your business has to do?

Well, if you’re in business to make a profit, then that’s easy – it’s to make sales!

Most small business owners I meet make one fundamental mistake: they don’t follow up with their potential customers. Even worse, they sit back and wait to be approached by potential wholesale stockists – talk about a slow road to riches!

Don’t leave your sales up to chance – make sure you continue the conversation with them, either through an email campaign or personal follow-up. And make them an offer they simply can’t refuse!

Check out this recent post I wrote all about how to get wholesale stockists.

Step 4: The Red Carpet Experience

Once you’ve successfully converted a potential customer into a buyer, you want to make sure they absolutely LOVE your stuff.

To give yourself half a chance of gaining loyal, repeat buyers, first you need to ensure that each new customer has a successful, enjoyable experience using or consuming your products.

So after they’ve bought from you? Roll out the red carpet. Educate them about how to use your product. Provide attentive customer service. Engage in a reciprocal conversation on social media.

In short? Make them feel valued and appreciated. BEFORE you ask them to buy from you again!

Step 5: The Secret Sauce to Supercharge Your Sales

This one step has the power to explode your business! I’ve seen it happen time and time again with my own businesses as well as my clients.

When you focus on cultivating a loyal customer base, profits can soar.

Even a 5% increase in customer loyalty (repeat purchases from existing customers) can result in up to 95% growth in profits!

There’s a trick to achieving this, but the main thing is clear:

You need to ask your customers to buy from you again!

One of my clients doubled her business by implementing this kind of post-purchase marketing. It’s a hugely powerful strategy!

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