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In This Playbook You'll Find:

  • 7 of Our Most Successful Strategies in 2023 that saved clients' time while increasing profitable traffic and sales.
  • 4 Marketing Strategies to Take Into 2024 that will increase your eCommerce traffic and sales, increase profits and maximise your most valuable asset.
  • 2024 Insider eCommerce Marketing Predictions that nobody else is talking about. We'll give you our predictions and the actions you'll need to take to be successful next. year.
  • 5 Steps to Guarantee Successful eCommerce Marketing in 2024 so you can create the profits and results you've been craving.
  • Plus much, much more!

“Productpreneur helped me grow over 620% in just 4 months!"

- Amanda Legovich, Bell Art Australia

Ecommerce marketing has changed dramatically over the past year.

We've noticed a huge change in consumer behaviour and the way customers consume content. This year brought about a lot of brands closing their doors or being significantly less profitable.

What was working STOPPED working, and what ONCE worked is actually making it's way back!

I pull back the curtain in this Ecommerce Marketing Playbook

& Reveal Exactly How To Guarantee Your Marketing Results

We had to pivot and adjust our strategies in order to create results for ourselves and clients.

And despite everything that happened in 2023, we still saw MAJOR success.

Save yourself wasted time and money and steal all our secret strategies in this free playbook!

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About Catherine...

Catherine Langman brings together her extensive professional experience in digital agencies, working with clients including Coca Cola, Blackmores and RMK Shoes, as well as many other less well known brands, along with her experience as a successful “Productpreneur”.  

In 2007, inspired by the birth of her first son, Catherine launched her first business Cushie Tushies, designing and manufacturing her own range of eco-friendly baby products. Catherine grew this brand from the dining room table into an smash hit success, selling through her own eCommerce store, via retailers nationally and distributed in many international locations.  

After selling her business in 2014, Catherine has helped many other eCommerce retailers to experience massive growth (double, triple, quadruple and sometimes even more!) in their own businesses.

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