The #1 Facebook Ads Mistake That’S Costing You Money
Have you ever tried using paid Facebook or Instagram ads to promote your eCommerce website?

As someone who is actively promoting an online store, I bet you’ll agree:

Whatever marketing you do, it never seems to be enough.

You constantly need:

  • More paying customers placing more orders with you, in order to grow sales and meet targets.
  • More of the right eyeballs on your website (and less of the ones who don’t dig your stuff).
  • And a way to increase repeat orders from existing or past customers.

And yet many online store owners are unsure about trying Facebook Ads.

Or they’ve tried FB ads but found them to be expensive and haven’t really generated the sales results you’d ideally like.


Well, I think I know why. So many Productpreneurs and eCommerce store owners I speak to, find it so overwhelming and they just don’t know how to set their ads up correctly.

And many of these business owners have made some very costly ‘learning exercises’ trying things out…

Sound familiar?

Read on to find out about the #1 mistake and how to solve it. PLUS grab a free resource!

The cost of ‘bad’ ads…

Take one of my clients, for example. Before she came to me, she was spending hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads per month and her conversion rate to purchase was extremely low.

It was costing her upwards of $40 dollars in ads just to close one sale. Considering the low price of her products, that meant that she was running at a loss.

Not only that, she really had no idea what aspect of her ad was converting to sales and what was pulling the performance down.

And if you can’t tell what’s working and what’s not, it’s pretty hard to fix it, right?

Well, after working with me for a month, I was able to reduce this client’s advertising cost per sale down to $6-$9 per conversion, with the traffic and sales coming in far more consistently than before.

Let me tell you how…

The #1 Facebook Ad mistake that costs you money

The biggest issue I see with most Facebook ads for eCommerce businesses is not the ad images or text (although often they’re not that appealing either).

It’s not that the audience targeting is off (although I do see plenty of ads that aren’t targeted towards their ideal audience).

It’s also not that they haven’t installed their Facebook tracking pixel and aren’t able to monitor the purchases that are coming from the ads. (And loads of people miss this crucial step too!)

No, the #1 biggest mistake is this:

Failing to understand HOW your customers buy.

Ever heard the phrase, ‘People need to get to know, like and trust you before they’ll buy from you’?

What that means is, showing a ‘buy now’ product ad to people who don’t know you from a bar of soap ain’t gonna work!

Sure you might get some clicks, but it’s not likely to convert many sales.

These people aren’t ready to buy yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not your ideal customers!

You need to engage with them, nurture them by telling your brand story, educate them about your product benefits, and generally just warm them up a bit before you ask them to buy from you.

The Single Ad Campaign no longer exists.

Soooooo many times when I speak to eCommerce store owners, when they say ‘I tried Facebook ads but it didn’t work for me, I spent loads of money but didn’t make any sales’.

And the problem wasn’t that the ad didn’t work, it’s just that they only ran one ad.

They set up an ad to promote their product and invited people to click through to their website and buy it.

Then when this ad doesn’t work, they want to give up.

Multiple Steps in the Ad Strategy

Here’s what I want you to do instead:

  1. Run an ad that educates potential customers about the product benefits. This ad should appeal to their immediate need or pain point, and should click through to an information page on your website where you go into these points in more detail.
  2. Re-target these people with a second ad that invites them to click through and buy your product. Again, make sure this ad appeals to their immediate need or pain point, and demonstrate with your text and image or video how your product solves that issue for them.

Now, of course there’s WAY more involved in setting up and running successful and profitable Facebook ad campaigns.

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The #1 Facebook Ads Mistake That’S Costing You Money