Have you ever had that feeling of trying so incredibly hard to please everyone All. The. Time?

Last week I asked the question, ‘Do your customers love you?’, and some of you may have been thinking, ‘Well I damn well hope so given how hard I try to please them all the time!’

But it doesn’t always work out that way, does it?

Sometimes you might log into your email marketing program and see a bunch of new unsubscribes.

And you wonder, did I say something that offended you? Was my offer not awesome enough for you?

Sometimes you might target your Facebook ad to an audience you KNOW for SURE definitely, absolutely NEED your product.

But they turn away. They don’t want it.

Not everyone wants to be your customers

ARGH so very frustrating isn’t it?

Moral of the story?

Not everyone is going to be obsessed with you.

And the sooner you accept this, the better.

Because if you want to build an unmistakable brand – and cultivate an audience of completely obsessed fans – you can’t be a beige, watered-down people-pleaser. Brand Bland I call it!

You’ve got to share your opinions. You’ve got to take a stand on certain issues. Share true stories.

Your brand needs a personality that feels authentic – something your peeps will connect with.

You’ve got to be distinctive.

And guess what? That means some people aren’t going to like you.

Those people can seek out products elsewhere. They’re not meant to buy from you! Stop trying to convert them or woo them because it won’t work.

Sure, the market value for your product might be a certain size, but they’re never all gonna buy from you. Not even Apple can claim that level of autonomy!

I see tons of product-based business owners wasting SO much time and energy trying to please Every. Single. Person. Often, said business owners don’t even realise they’re doing it.

“Oh, I can’t say THAT on my blog. (Even though it’s totally true.) Some people might get offended!”

“I can’t photograph my products like that – it’s too cheeky, people won’t get my sense of humour!” 

“I need to do all these things because that’s what my competitor over there is doing and I can’t risk falling behind.”

“I don’t want people to know that I run my business from the kitchen table. They’ll never take me seriously.”

If those kinds of thoughts are running through your head on a regular basis, that’s a problem.

You’re waiting tons of time and money – and missing big opportunities to stand out and shine – by trying to be all things to all people, al the time.

Truth Smack!

Stop trying to please everyone.

It’s tiring, feels awful, oh, and also: it’s impossible.

Let go of the fantasy that your brand is “perfect” for everyone. It’s not.

Instead: get realistic and get specific.

Seek out your tribe.

Pretend you are your brand for a second. Who turns you on? You’ve got desires and preferences.

Maybe tall, dark and handsome architects make you go weak in the knees.

Maybe you’re a sucker for anyone with a Scottish accent.

Or maybe a wicked sense of humour, or a talent in the kitchen gets your attention every time.

You’re allowed to prefer certain qualities over others, choose your friends, and choose your sweetheart.

You’re allowed to choose your customers, too.

It all starts by understanding what turns you on, in a business sense…and then actively seeking out those kinds of people.

Top Tip: When you know who you want to serve in your business, create a ‘Customer Avatar’ that describes your ideal customer’s personality in detail.

Doing this – keeping your peeps top of mind – helps you to create content and product offers that are appealing to them (and not to anyone else).

Treat your loyal customers and raving fans like royalty.

Not everyone is going to be obsessed with you – no matter how freaking awesome your product is or how stellar your brand reputation may be. That much we’ve covered.

But, some people ARE going to be obsessed with you.

And when those oh-so amazing customers and readers pop into your world…you’ve got to treat them like absolute royalty.

This doesn’t mean saying “Yes” to every request or letting people take advantage of your time. It also doesn’t mean that the “customer is always right”.

(I actually don’t believe the customer is always right. But they must always feel heard.)

What it does mean, is that your relationship with your customers is just that: a relationship.

That means a bit of give as well as take. Provide some value (with great content that they will love – not bland content that’s a copycat of your competitor’s!). Send the odd personal message to them. Thank them for their custom when they buy.

So, what are you currently doing to connect with your obsessed fans? How do you make them feel seen, valued and heard?

Free Guide: Start by profiling your ideal customer so you know who you’re talking to!

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