Today I want to show you how to make your brand the chip to your customers’ seagulls.

Sitting by the river on a glorious warm and sunny autumn afternoon, licking my greasy, salty fingers after a scrumptious fish and chip dinner with my kids. (I love to cook, so this was a rarity!)

In between mouthfuls, my kids love to run and chase the seagulls away, yelling at them to “Garn! Getoutta here”.

But as we reached the bottom of the chip bucket and the kids dispersed to expend some energy, my attention was drawn back to the seagulls.

Their high-pitched cries of hunger “Wark Wark Wark” as they circled closer, threatening to take the last chip right out of my fingers!

It seems that the minute you arrive at the park – fish and chips in hand – one seagull spots you, then they call their seagull mates, and before you know it the entire flock has arrived!

It’s a bit like us women at a shoe sale isn’t it? A frenzied excitement that’s so infectious we have to share it with all our besties!

Read on for actionable advice and a free implementation guide…

So, how do you attract the same kind of attention to your brand?

How to Win Customers and Influence Sales

Customers who are so attuned to your every move that they flock to your website.

Customers who are salivating over each new arrival, and advocating to everyone they know that they “must check out this utterly gorgeous, must-have item”.

Such passionate brand advocates are a business owners dream, right?

Truth smack: you can’t grow a community that is obsessed with your products and brand if you are (a) dry and boring, or (b) constantly pressing on them to buy, buy, buy!

To illustrate – tell me which description is more enticing?

“We’re having steak for dinner.”


“Smell the savoury cooking aromas wafting through the house, awakening your ravenous appetite and luring you to the dinner table. Feast your eyes on the luscious, juicy piece of steak, cooked to perfection and adorned by buttery, sautéed mushrooms. Relish the texture as you take a fork-full to your mouth, paired with the crunch of the al-dente steamed green beans and toasted almonds.”

Is your mouth watering yet?

Unless you’re a vegetarian (in which case, I sincerely hope I didn’t just make you barf up your breakfast), then I’m sure we can agree that the second description was the most powerful.

Using the right adjectives, your words can fire up your audience’s imagination and engage all their senses.

This is the type of language that results in your audience picturing themselves in your story. (And hey – if you have something to sell, you definitely want your audience to see themselves using your products!)

Want my advice on how to engage with YOUR customers like this?

Step #1 is to understand your customers from a personality perspective – who are they? What are their deepest fears, passions, wants, needs and desires?

And gaining customer clarity ultimately helps you to sell more products online:

>> Your copywriting gets better because you’ll start using the right words, the same words and phrases your ideal customers use.

>> Your website content will be more effective, because you will know when (in your customers’ decision-making process) to deliver the right information and the right offers, and via which medium.

>> You will attract more potential customers because you know where your audience is and how to speak to them.

When you fully understand your ideal customer, your business will really start to make more money. You’ll stop wasting your time and effort trying to be all things to all people. Which, quite frankly, is pretty annoying when you’re on the receiving end of it!

The end result? All your messaging – from your website, to emails, blogs and social media – will have more impact and your customers will learn to know, like and trust you. And when you’re selling online, that is pure gold.

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