Learning how to find your customers and then getting comfortable ‘selling’ is a huge deal.

Converting website visitors, email subscribers and social media followers into customers is a huge deal and generating consistent profit is the goal for all of us, right?

This week I’m a guest on the Mums With Hustle podcast, where I walk you through how to sell and feel good about it! 

Plus, we deep dive into the new way of email marketing and how to use it more effectively than you may have ever done so in the past.

How to sell without being salesy

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As Tracy over at Mums With Hustle says,

“We all love our businesses but a biz can’t run on love alone. At the end of the day we all need to make ends meat, we all want to be profitable!

Most people start their own business/es to create the life they want, one that can’t be realised from slugging it out in the traditional workplace. For some, that’s earning potential, for others that’s being creative or it’s the awesome feeling that comes from sticking it to the man and doing your own thang! For others, it’s flexibility and family time that is a large motivator.

Whatever has lead you to take your entrepreneurial leap, we all want to feel validated and know that have something that others want/need. Learning how to sell and feel good about it takes time but it’s something we all need to achieve ASAP!”

I suggest you go make yourself a cuppa (or pour yourself a glass of wine if it’s that time of day!). Find a comfy chair where you can put your feet up – maybe grab a notepad and pen to take down your insights – and give yourself an hour of ‘me time’ to learn some new strategies!

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