Struggling with how to grow ecommerce business right now?

Discover how this kids fashion accessory brand owner achieved 3900% sales growth in 12 months!

That heading sounds completely incredible, right? Like, almost unbelievable?

It’s no joke though!

Twelve months ago, Kristy Rigby from Babiators Australia was struggling to make ends meet in her business.

She knew she had a great product with awesome potential (kids sunglasses in a country as sunny as Australia?).

But sales were going nowhere. Fast.

She was incredibly stressed out and completely stuck – she had no idea what her ‘next steps’ should be.

And trying to work part-time around two young kids wasn’t making things any easier for her.

Fast-forward 12 months and Kristy has completely turned her business around!

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Kristy’s online sales are not just growing – they’ve exploded!

She has literally experienced a 3900% increase in sales through her website, compared to the same month last year!

How did she achieve this?

Well, I can tell you how she DIDN’T achieve this. It didn’t happen by spending the last year working alone, trying to figure things out.

Kristy freely admits, the thought of investing in a business coach a year ago freaked her out big time. She didn’t have the cash-flow to support it.

But, she also couldn’t continue in her business the way things were going. It was a dead end.

So she took the plunge and invested in herself and in the future success of her business.

And she’s pretty chuffed with the results…

Not only has she hit her online sales out of the ballpark, but her wholesale sales are steadily growing too.

And even better?

Her husband has been able to quit his job to join her in the business – a goal of theirs for years!

Now, results like this aren’t for everyone.

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But, one thing I know for sure is that results like these ARE available to anyone who wants them.

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