Part 2: How understanding your metrics can influence sales online.

Usually when a business owner comes to me, they’re feeling stressed and anxious over low, slow (or no) sales growth and they’re completely overwhelmed by all the options available to them and decisions they need to make.

Sound familiar?

Rings a bell for me too. I’ve been in that boat too (many times) and it sucks.

So let me give you some insight into the first step that I do before I decide to spend any money on marketing or promotion.

There’s absolutely no point spending money promoting your website until you can answer this question.

Read on for a step-by-step on how to figure this out for yourself, plus watch my training video.

How knowing your metrics can influence sales growth online

I figure out where the traffic and sales are coming from

Step 1: Venture into your Google analytics and look at the Behaviour section. (If you haven’t got your analytics hooked up to your website shopping cart – it’s essential that you get that done, otherwise you’ll be fumbling around in the dark when it comes to your website and business growth.)

Step 2: Record the number of unique visitors for the last month from these channels – Social Media, Email, and then the rest. (You can separate out additional channels if they’re important to you, but start with these to begin with.)

Step 3: Record the conversion rate (%) for each channel (that’s the percentage of visitors from Social Media, for example, who go on to make a purchase).

Step 4: Record the average order value for each channel (that’s the average amount a customer spends from Social Media, for example).

Now you can figure out how much traffic you need from each channel to achieve your sales targets

(Or I can help you…)

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Last week I created a short video training teaching you about ‘Metrics’ and how tracking and recording your metrics can help you achieve your sales goals on your website.

(If you haven’t watched last weeks, I encourage you to do that now and then come back and watch this one.)

Now I’m going to dive into a little bit more detail. By the end of this blog and video training, you’ll understand, clearly, how knowing your metrics gives you the power to influence them.

Knowing your metrics also gives you the power to make good decisions more easily. Now wouldn’t that make life a whole lot less stressful!

Watch the training video

Are you struggling to get enough traffic and sales on your website?

There’s a process for learning this stuff. It’s totally figure-out-able, but if you want to jump-start your business and sales fast then let’s talk.

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