You need to get more clicks on your Facebook ads…

People struggle with their social media ads ALL. THE. TIME. And I get it.

I think I know where you are right now. I know the hard work you’ve put in, the anticipation you’ve felt, the days, weeks, months of hustle. Not to mention, the investment you’ve made!

And I also know about the creeping sense of anxiety and fear that is starting to set in.

Especially if you’ve spent a tonne of cash on your ads… then…

Nothing happens. Crickets.

I’ve been there, trust me.

And so have 100% of my clients.

Actually, this is a common situation for seasoned business owners as well as newbies.

Things change so friggin fast in the online world that you can easily get caught with your pants down.

One month you’re riding high on a wave of orders. The next? Sales have all but dried up. Even though you haven’t done anything different.

How to get more clicks on your Facebook ads

Without exception, everyone in this situation feels like they’ve done everything they know how.

They’re posting on social media like a demon…

They’ve boosted their Facebook posts…

They’re networking in Facebook biz groups…

They’ve done paid Google ads…

Oh and not to mention, they’ve spent hour upon hour creating the perfect Reels for Tiktok and Instagram… (Cue emotional meltdown due to inability to master video apps…!!!)

Sound familiar?

Geez all of this stuff is cringeworthy to write down now. I can’t believe how important this all seemed.

And let’s not forget about all the other ideas you may be working on at the same time (like I was)…

New products. Exhibiting at expos. Launching a brand rep program or trying to grow wholesale.

Please make it all stop!

Truth smack: You’ll never make a single dime of profit from any of this if you don’t understand this: How does your customer buy?

How does your customer buy?

That’s not the same question as “How do I sell?”

So many times I see businesses running Meta ads along the lines of, ‘Are you looking for a widget? We are proud to make quality widgets. Click here to buy yours today.”

Often, such statements are presented alongside a product photograph (sometimes not even a good quality, professional photograph).

Yes, that’s overly simplified. But hopefully you get my point…

How enticing does that statement sound? Does it even capture your attention when scrolling your Facebook newsfeed? Let alone click through?

I’ll tell you what it makes me think (this is if I actually notice it…). It makes me feel like I’m being sold to. I also have no idea what’s in it for me.

Obviously if I’d already tried the widget and loved it, I’d probably forgive the messaging and be happy to buy it.

Here’s how customers actually buy

Customer has a burning need, problem or desire and starts looking for a solution.

Customer may have already tried various other solutions without much success. Is possibly feeling like a solution that works for her doesn’t exist.

Customer comes sees your ad at just the right moment. (How did you do that? We’ll talk about audience targeting another day, don’t worry…)

Your images show people just like this customer, happily using your product in situations that look very much like her real life.

So far, so good.

Then, they start reading your copy.

They read about how your product was designed to solve a problem just like theirs. In fact, you can describe their situation PERFECTLY. It’s like you were just in their head.

The read about how the product can help the customer achieve their desired outcome (or solution). But not some generic, watered down version. Again, the transformation is described EXACTLY how the customer imagines it.

The customer sees HERSELF in your ad.

Your Meta ad – your text, your images, your offer, heck, even your call to action – needs to attract, connect, educate and motivate action.

And the best way to do that is to inspire your ideal customers to believe that their dreams are attainable.

Here’s what’s happening in your customers’ brains when they buy:

Making a purchase decision all ties back to the two things that are always going on in the human brain—mine, yours, your customers’, everyone’s.

  1. Survive and Thrive. When we buy, we don’t just want to solve problems or meet needs. We also desire a better life for ourselves.
  2. Conserve Calories. Our brains are presented with thousands of bits of information daily. Our brains protect us by deciding what information we really need in the moment, and shuts out the rest.

And your job as a marketer is to make sure that your messaging immediately and consistently connects with these ideas.

Which is why customers don’t buy the best products… they buy the brand they can understand the fastest.

How do we do that?

The first step to getting customers to buy

So, what’s the first step to getting customers to buy from your Meta ad?

It’s to get the click.

Rather than using your precious ad real estate to “sell to” your customers, you need to demonstrate that you understand what it is they REALLY want to buy.

It’s not your product, it’ll be something more than that.

It could be to feel amazing and look beautiful in a clothing outfit that fits like a glove.

It could be to have an uninterrupted night’s sleep after months of a crying baby.

Remember: People don’t buy a drill, they buy a hole in the wall!

3 tips to increase your click through rate on your ads

Have you ever sat in front of your Ads Manager, looking at the blank fields where you are supposed to construct your ad, and not know what to write?

Or, every time you write an ad, you are not confident about the outcome (if it will convert)?

Well today’s your lucky day because I’m gonna make it easy for you!

Here are 3 tips that are working RIGHT NOW to increase click through rates and make more money from your Meta ads:

1. Leverage social proof. People buy results (not features). And they’ll believe your brand will work for them more if other people have had great results.

I want you to leverage social proof in two was:

  1. Quote a short customer testimonial in the ad copy. Ideally one that overcomes any perceived risks AND explains the core benefits of your products.
  2. Use UGC (user generated content) style video. I can’t recommend this enough! This type of content is engaging and “stops the scroll”, plus it’s more credible because it’s not you (the brand) talking about yourself. It’s the customer recommending you.

2. Add mention of BNPL in the ad copy. Right now, more customers are responding to ads when a popular ‘buy now pay later’ payment method (such as Afterpay) is mentioned in the ad copy.

3. Mention your list subscriber incentive in the headline. We all need to utilise email and SMS marketing to improve our conversions (and therefore ROI) on paid advertising. Mention your subscriber offer or incentive in the headline and your click through rate will increase (but don’t give the coupon away – they need to sign up for that!).

The results…

Take a look at this example: by tweaking the ads, we were able to generate 97% increase in attributed revenue and 55% improvement in return on ad spend:

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Updated: 28th February 2024

How to get more clicks on your Facebook ads