Marketing in the age of social media has been a total game-changer.

Never has it been easier to specifically target exactly the people who are interested in your products and turn them into raving, dedicated fans.

But on the flip side, it has also never been easier to get Facebook advertising devastatingly, completely wrong.

I hear it all the time from entrepreneurs: “I tried advertising on Facebook, but it was a waste of money.”

And it will be. If you don’t take the time to learn how to do it right.

Read on to learn how to set up a Facebook Ad campaign that converts like crazy!

Don’t make this common Facebook Ad Mistake…

The biggest mistake people make is putting their product front of people who have never seen it or heard of them before, then dusting off their hands while sitting back with a satisfied smile to watch the sales roll in.

It ain’t gonna happen.

When was the last time you bought something you’d never seen before, the first time you saw it? Just because someone you didn’t know from a bar of soap said “Buy this!”?

I know. Pretty much never, right?

Nail your targeting to attract a new audience

The best marketing strategies nurture potential new customers, allowing them to get to know a new business first. This builds up to a level of familiarity and trust before bringing out the big guns to close a sale.

And to do this you need to get know your target customer. Not just a little bit, but really, really well.

All the brands with the best marketing strategies have this down pat. If you’re going to compete with them, you’re going to have to put in the effort to do it too. Stratospheric sales results ain’t gonna happen without some serious background work on your part.

When you know exactly what your target customers’ wants, needs, fears and interests are, you can really tailor a campaign that talks directly to them.

You can speak in their language, addressing their needs and give them a little something that shows you care about them. Doing this immediately sets you apart as a business who really knows their stuff.

This new potential customer then has a good experience with your brand without even having to buy something from you. They get good vibes from you. They like you. They remember you.

And when your business creates good vibes, you’re going to get them back in sales.

Retarget and sell

Once you’ve established your brand as a cut above the rest, this is when you retarget them with a new ad that invites them to buy from your business.

And this is where the magic happens. They already know you. They already respect you. They already trust you. It’s not too much of a stretch for them to roll through the checkout and buy your products.

Think of how you feel when a sales rep shows up on your doorstep unannounced. Have you bought from them, straight up?

Probably not.

But if you are given the chance to get to know the company – who they are and what they can offer – without the pressure, you just might. Right?

Here’s an example of how your Facebook ad campaign might be set up

Step 1 – the ‘new audience attraction’ ad:

First, you can set up your Facebook ad campaign to target people who are just like those who are already your customers and fans by using the Lookalike audiences.

You can create Lookalike audiences of those who have purchased from your business, those who have engaged with your brand’s social media and those who have already signed up to your email list.

I’ve found these to consistently perform well for cold traffic.

Lookalike Audience set-up

You’ll want to offer something of value to these people who don’t know you: a simple download with content that relates to your business and target customers works really well.

It needs to be something costs you very little in time and money, but gives good value to your audience.

Step 2 – the retargeting ad:

Then, also set up a retargeting ad as part of your ad campaign. Your retargeting ad is set to show to people who have already visited your website, but haven’t purchased.

Give them a little incentive to make closing the deal a little sweeter. I’ve found free postage converts really well if you are in a position to offer this!

I like to use Facebook’s Dynamic Product ads for retargeting. These are special little things (and maybe a little bit creepy…) They are clever enough to show potential customers the exact products they have already been looking at on your website!

So when you combine that familiarity with a killer incentive AFTER you’ve already taken the time to warm up your cold audience first, you get a brilliant return on your advertising spend!

Here’s what your audience set up looks like for a dynamic ad (Note: you will need to set up a product catalogue within your Facebook Ad Account to make this one work. It’s super easy if you are with Shopify, but there are plug-ins that make it easy to do with other platforms):

Alternative set-up for retargeting ad:

If you can’t do dynamic FB ads for some reason, you can still effectively retarget those who have been browsing your website.

Simply set up a custom audience of recent website traffic using your FB pixel over the past 30 days and make sure you add into the exclusions those who have purchased in that time! Add an irresistible incentive to buy now and an enticing image and you’re set to go!

How does it work so well?

Want my #1 Facebook ad that converts like crazy?

The Facebook pixel (a nifty piece of code that tracks your website visitors’ browsing behaviour) has become so smart in the past year or so. It is really clever at targeting the people who are familiar with your brand but haven’t yet bought.

Retargeting ads using the pixel are absolute gold for productpreneurs! So if you aren’t already using them, make it the one thing you get done for your biz this week!

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