Podcast Interview with Rhianna Knight At Team Timbuktu

Today’s interview with founder of eco-friendly outdoor wear brand, Team Timbuktu, is one that you’re going to want to come back to time and time again.

Rhianna very generously shares her insights on building a business based on values such as sustainability and inclusiveness but she also provides valuable tips on how to manage your mindset and capabilities as a business owner.

Having a career in fashion but a love of outdoor activities, Rhianna saw a gaping hole in the market for a sustainable outdoor fashion brand. When starting out, having to think about whether or not to ‘be sustainable’ was never even a question that had to be asked. 

…the way that I choose to operate the business, is just common sense to me… my personal values are an extension into the business. Yet a lot of people are like, “Oh, well, how come you chose sustainable fabric? Or how come you’re planting trees? Or how come you’re doing all of these things?” And I’m like, “It makes sense.”

In today’s episode Rhianna and I talk about:

  • Her journey from designing snow pants to creating Team Timbuktu
  • How her passions of outdoors, adventure, fashion and sustainability aligned;
  • The values important to Rhianna that are the foundations of Team Timbuktu from manufacturing to hiring;
  • How she identifies what her own skill sets are and what she knows she needs to outsource;
  • How a business can start incorporating more sustainability and inclusivity into their own operations;
  • And so much more!

Listen as Rhianna shares her journey of how she created a brand built on values of sustainability and inclusivity and discovering how to be an inspiring business owner.

Listen now.

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