From Disaster To Success, How Resparkle Was Reinvented And Found It's True Purpose

Imagine being back at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and cleanliness was on top of everyone’s mind. 

You own an eco-friendly cleaning product business and demand for your gorgeous home cleaning products is going through the roof. You’re excited about scaling up and growing your business despite the challenges the world is facing.

But then… one of the key components of your product, the plastic bottles and packaging for your product is no longer available. 

You now have a business with no products to sell. 

What do you do?

Now, many product-based businesses will have their fair share of disaster manufacturing stories. And many businesses succumb to the pressure and stress of having to keep moving forward.

But in Pearl Chan’s case, she ran with the challenge used it as motivation to pivot and completely reinvented her business model and products. In the process she not only moved closer to her goals of being more eco-friendly, but she also gained more customers and more brand awareness and was able to really grow her business as a result 

Today’s interview with Pearl is inspiring and a great example of how resilience and creativity and staying true to your values during difficult times can bring amazing outcomes on the other side.

If you’re facing an overwhelming problem right now or are fearful about the future, this episode is for you. 

Listen as Pearl shares her story of Resparkle and how staying true to her values and mission reinvented her brand to achieve amazing results.

Listen now.

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From Disaster To Success, How Resparkle Was Reinvented And Found It's True Purpose