How To Navigate The Complex World of Product Importing With Carolina Montanez

Launching a new product is an exciting time for any e-commerce business. 

And in a global world, your products are most likely made offshore. 

You’ve put in months of work with your supplier to have your products finally ready for sale and now you just need them delivered from overseas… to your door. Simple right?

Sadly, no!

Importing products from overseas is a complex process that if not done correctly can end up costing you thousands of dollars in unexpected costs. And it’s often the piece of the product puzzle that is completely overlooked until it is too late. 

Today I talk with Carolina Montanez from Plane 2 Sea to walk through what you need to know, even before negotiating prices with your suppliers, to get your products from your suppliers warehouse to Australia with the least amount of hassles and unexpected costs. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why communication with suppliers and freight companies is key
  • Why having an understanding of the process and shipping terms is vital even during the price negotiation with your suppliers
  • Disaster stories to avoid (including my own!)
  • Key terms to know and costs involved when shipping products to Australia
  • How a freight forwarding company can help you navigate the pitfalls of importing

Don’t know your FOBs from your AWBs? You’re not the only one!

Listen as Carolina shares her expert knowledge to understand the complex world of product importing – from overseas warehouse to your front door. 

(There were some sound difficulties with the audio in the first 10 minutes of the recording. The written transcript of our discussion is included below to help you follow our conversation).

Listen now.

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How To Navigate The Complex World of Product Importing With Carolina Montanez