The last 18 months has been the time for online buying. Customer behaviour has certainly changed during Covid-19 and many new brands have jumped online to capitalise on the exciting opportunity e-commerce offers. 

Starting online to sell your products direct to your customers certainly sounds appealing. The number one comment I always hear is:  “I want to retail my products on my own website because the profit margin is higher.”

And yes, it’s true that you can charge more when you sell direct to consumers.

But it’s not the only option out there. Especially as a start-up trying to build your brand.

As Australia starts to open up, and our shoppers start craving that experience that only brick and mortar stores can offer, should wholesale be part of your sales strategy?

What’s the best strategy for your brand? Wholesale vs Retail? Or both?

Listen as I walk you through options to consider when looking to sell via retail or wholesale. Or both!

Listen now.

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