Productpreneur Success Podcast Episode 90

Have you ever struggled to understand where the money is going in your business?

Asked yourself “I’ve made all this money this month but there’s nothing left in my bank account and I still have to pay taxes. Where has all my money gone?”.

“Am I actually ever going to be able to pay myself in my business?”

If so, you certainly aren’t alone! 

“…we have an awesome sales weekend, we feel amazing and we could do this forever, and then next week nobody shops and we feel like this is horrible and we need to quit, right? And so we live on this roller coaster.” – Ciara Stockeland

One of the biggest challenges a product based business faces is managing cashflow; with buying inventory and having a long lead time between expenses and sales, finding the cash to pay yourself or even make a profit may seem like a far-fetched reality. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Today’s guest Ciara Stockeland, has owned and sold several product-based businesses and is a Profit First Professional. Ciara is going to share her super simple strategies on how to manage your cashflow, and even your workflow, to create a profitable business. 

Listen as Ciara shares her top strategies for improving cashflow and creating profitability in your business today.

Listen now.

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