(When You Want To Thrive, Not Just Survive…)

As I record this episode, things around the world are feeling pretty crazy, scary and chaotic right now with this Coronavirus being labeled a Pandemic! 

Schools are being closed, events are being cancelled, people are self-isolating, and anyone who works in industries like travel or events is going to find it really tough over the coming months. 

And I know so many of you are fearful of how you’ll manage to survive in business in this sort of climate, so I wanted to create an episode for you to give you some ideas about how you can survive and hopefully thrive even if the economy does start to struggle in the coming months.

So in this episode, I’m going to share some ideas stem from my own experience growing my first business during the 2008 global financial crisis.

I’ll share with you how to get creative and a bit scrappy with your marketing, so you still generate revenue in your online store.

I want to highlight the fact that all of you who are running Ecommerce businesses actually already have the ideal business model to take advantage of this Coronavirus situation. 

Consumers will still need to buy – sure they may not be buying things like travel-related products and services or going to events, but more people will shop online in the coming months than normal because they either can’t or don’t want to leave the home!

So here goes…

Let’s go over 7 Tips To Growing Your Store In A Recession (When You Want To Thrive, Not Just Survive…)

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