Potcast title 3 Email Tweaks to Increase Sales In Your Online Store Today

If you’ve been listening to my podcast over the last year you will know email marketing is my absolute favourite (and most profitable!) way of reaching out to your customers.

If you are a store owner and you’re regularly sending out emails and have a series of automated emails providing valuable information and offers out to your customers but you’re kind of scratching your head saying “This is great Cath, but it’s just not quite working”, then I have three great suggestions for you to implement today. 

Even if you are the email queen with everything flowing smoothly but haven’t reviewed your emails in some time then these tips will be invaluable for you too. As our brands grow and develop we need to make sure we review our processes to ensure we’re maximising all our efforts! 

So this episode is for you if you are looking to: 

  1. Increase the number of people opening your emails
  2. Increase the number of sales from your emails
  3. And generate more profits from your emails

Listen to discover how 3 simple email tweaks can improve sales and profitability in your online store today. 

Listen now.

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