Growing MontiiCo, The Wins and Challenges Behind A Global Band In Only Five Years

Today’s interview is with the fabulous Steph Pryor, founder of MontiiCo and Lunch Punch and this is one you are really going to want to sit down and listen to.

Steph has created amazing growth in her brands in only 5 years and I know her success is what a lot of our listeners aspire to. What I found inspiring about our chat was how honest Steph was about the journey and while she admits she’s no overnight success, she details the challenges and sacrifices she’s made to achieve where is she is today.

“We’ve basically doubled our revenue every year. We’re at 110% growth average for the last five years…

And just trying to keep up with that growth was hard, particularly in the early years where banks and whoever just don’t even want to talk to you when you’re only just starting out.”

In today’s episode Steph shares with us:

  • Her journey from IT nerd to drink bottle queen
  • The progression of her business from the garage to owning her own warehouse (and hiring next door!)
  • The sacrifices and challenges required during startup and growing the business
  • Her first ‘outsourced’ role and how she grew to manage a team of 21 staff
  • Why having multiple channels of selling has accelerated the growth of her brands and reduces risk
  • Steph’s top tips for fellow Productpreneurs.
  • And so much more! Like seriously, SO much more!

Steph is so down to earth and an entrepreneur to watch out for, and I think many of you will be truly inspired by today’s interview. 

Listen as Steph shares her journey of the ups and downs of growing FAST with MontiiCo.

Listen now.

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Growing MontiiCo, The Wins and Challenges Behind A Global Band In Only Five Years