How to overcome roadblocks when selling on your online store

What to do when customers want to try things on before buying…

Sometimes it’s hard for customers to buy online. Not because of the website itself, but because the product is difficult to choose without seeing it or trying it on. 

You may find this if you sell items like clothes, underwear, swimwear, shoes, make-up, or fashion accessories. Any product really where a customer usually likes to touch or try a product before buying it.

So how can you overcome this roadblock in your customer’s mind and give them the confidence in choosing the right product for them and being happy with their purchase?

In this episode I share: 

  • Examples of roadblocks that customers might come up against on your online store that you might not realise
  • Strategies to use in your store to remove the perceived risks for purchasing
  • Cool tools that you can implement to educate and guide your customer to the right choice
  • How reducing roadblocks increases profitability by improving conversion rates and reducing returns and exchanges 

Find out how to remove pesky roadblocks from your online store and increase profitability!

Listen now.

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