Yep. I said it. Time to start planning for Christmas 2021!

And for very good reasons. Traditionally we would be looking to start our Christmas Campaign with Black Friday with campaigns and sales then peaking in December. 

But in 2021 we’re seeing delayed local delivery times, difficulties with stock availability and customers changing their buying patterns after last year – which means the big holiday spending period is going to be flipped on its head and majority of sales completed by Black Friday. 

It’s all about ‘Buy Now, Wrap Later’. 

This means we need to get planning now to be ready for an early but big finish in 2021.

In this episode I share: 

  • Why you need to plan differently for 2021 and when you should be planning your campaigns
  • Inspiration and ideas on what to include in your marketing plan this year
  • Actionable tips for a successful eCommerce Christmas promotion

Listen now to learn exactly how to get started on your 2021 Christmas Plan.

Listen now.


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