Interview with Amy McGlade from The Breastmilk Queen

I’m so excited to share today’s episode with you! This week we sat down with Amy McGlade from The Breastmilk Queen to talk about her journey from working as a midwife to building a successful business that empowers breastfeeding mums. 

Amy has a massive goal and it’s driven 100% by the impact she wants to make in the world – and that’s to reach over a million breastfeeding mums and to give them the tools and resources to reach their own breastfeeding goals. And she’s well on the way to do that!

But what I love about this episode is how Amy talks about how the impact goal came first, and only after knowing her community so intimately, knickers and all, that ultimately led to the development of her products. Which of course, because they were customer driven, they were instantly a success on her online store!

“I realised, only a couple years ago, that I could really make an impact. And I could reach large numbers of women. I really could. I could be inside their homes. Social media has been pivotal my business. I learned a really long time ago that I didn’t need to be perfect…” – Amy McGlade

In today’s episode Amy shares with us:

  • What inspired Amy to go from midwifery to starting her own breastmilk jewellery business
  • The impact that Amy wants to make in the world and how it drives everything she does
  • Amy’s entrepreneurial drive that saw her go from a breastmilk jewellery business to teaching and course making to empowering breastfeeding mums to creating superfoods
  • Why knowing your customer is absolutely key in knowing how you can serve them, even down to their knickers!
  • The process of developing new food products for The Breastmilk Queen and the strong value driven purpose behind them
  • Why putting yourself out there and engaging directly with her community is so important
  • How Amy manages her resources when it comes to engaging on social media and how she uses ‘content buckets’ to achieve different goals on social media

Listen as Amy share’s her incredibly inspiring story, along with tangible tips that you can implement into your own business!

Listen now.

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