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I’m so excited to share today’s podcast episode and introduce you to Sharon Hunter, founder of much-loved kids brand Emondo Kids.

Sharon’s story is a must listen case study for product brand owners as she originally started out building her business on social media and attending trade shows and expos. But then of course… 2020 happened! 

So what happens when one of your main sources of sales, in-person events, suddenly disappears?

And while a large and engaged social media presence is fantastic for product brands, how can you turn that sort of exposure into regular online sales?

Sharon knew that she needed to refocus her attention to online marketing and find new ways to engage with her customers. But like so many business owners she was overwhelmed with the how and the what to focus on.

Thankfully Sharon discovered our Productpreneur Website Formula and has been actively engaged in changing her mindset from overwhelmed to empowered and is kicking some major goals in her online business.

Discover how Sharon has taken control of the future of Emondo Kids into her own hands. In today’s episode we talk about:

  • How Sharon realised she needed to transition from in-person events to eCommerce
  • The importance of building your audience and engagement for any business owner
  • How Emondo Kids has battled ongoing copycats and copyright issues
  • How upskilling yourself can benefit your business in so many ways
  • The moment when Sharon abandoned her fears about writing and became a master at email marketing, even with the help of a whisky or two!

Join Sharon and I as we walk through her journey from wholesale to eCommerce success!

Listen now.

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And enjoy Sharon’s generous offer for our listeners! 20% off code PWF20 for orders over $60 (until 31 Dec 2021)

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