In a world where it feels like there are new online businesses popping up every single day, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. But how do you do that when it feels like it’s all been done before?

And then what happens if you get noticed and you have to be ready for all those orders!

It can be a lot to think about but today’s guest Laura Furiosi, founder of Rashoodz, has been there done that!  In our conversation, Laura shares how she time and time again thought outside the box to either find new sale opportunities or to garner national recognition from what was initially just a crazy idea. 

What I loved most about talking to Laura was her thought process when it came to looking at opportunities or risks. Whether it was scaling her business or putting herself out there she never just took the safest route, she took the route that was important to her and her business. Even if it was scary or uncomfortable.

“If I was on my death bed, am I going to look back and regret not giving it a go?” – Laura Furiosi, Bossy Mummy

In today’s episode Laura shares with us her Rashoodz journey including:

  • Why you shouldn’t assume you know where you’re sales will come from
  • How thinking out of the box can create an unexpected viral response
  • The struggles Laura experienced while scaling and how she overcame them
  • Why it’s so important to get past the fears that are holding you back and to put yourself out there

Listen as Laura share’s her ups and downs in creating a viral brand and the lessons she’s learnt scaling a global business. 


Listen now.


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