Podcast Title - The 3 Essential Pillars to Create a Million Dollar Brand

As an entrepreneur are you constantly looking for the secret silver bullet strategy that will finally take your business from struggling to flourishing?

Are you easily distracted by shiny objects and jumping from one online course to another hoping it will have that one thing that will change everything?

If so, you’re certainly not alone! I think it’s built into the entrepreneurs DNA to always be looking for the next big thing.

Today’s guest, Kristy Rigby, a multiple brand entrepreneur, knows this story all too well! 

But in this episode, Kristy is going to share with us how she discovered the 3 essential strategies that she applied to the business that saw it grow from start-up to 7 figures and finally enabled her to focus on growing her business instead of looking at what everyone else was doing. 

I know, as an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for, “Oh, has someone found a new silver bullet for getting more sales?” I’m always looking for that. I love the shiny things; they intrigue me because I’m an entrepreneur and that’s how we’re designed. But the reality is, there is no silver marketing bullet. – Kristy Rigby

Kristy shares with us not only the 3 essential strategies that grew her business but also the mindset changes she as a business owner needed to make in order for her business to grow. This really is an episode you’re going to want to go back to listen to over and over again!

“Sometimes it takes the business-owner growing to grow a business.”  – Kristy Rigby

Listen today to discover the 3 essential pillars to build a sustainable million-dollar brand! 


Listen now.


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