Podcast Graphic introducing Episode 72 with The Founder of The Smoothie Bombs Cinzia Cozzolino

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a brand from your kitchen bench to being stocked around the globe?

Are you overwhelmed about the challenges you might have to face for such a journey or even how to start learning the skills that you think you’ll need to succeed?

Well, today Cinzia from The Original Smoothie Bombs is with us to share her journey on what it took to go from discovering a solution to her own problem to becoming a solution for many families around the world. 

Cinzia openly shares that it wasn’t that she knew everything from the start – far from it! Testing, learning, leaning into it, jumping at opportunities and understanding her own strengths are all part of the Smoothie Bomb journey.  

I know so many of you will identify with the origin story of Smoothie Bombs and I hope you finish today’s podcast feeling inspired and understand that you’re never really going to know all there is to know about growing your business – you’ve just got to go for it!

‘If someone had told me at the beginning, “Oh, this is what you’ve got to do.” You’d just be going, “What? That’s too much.” But in actual fact, it does grow with you.’ – Cinzia Cozzolino

In today’s interview Cinzia shares with us:

  • How being an entrepreneur requires a certain test and grow mindset
  • Why wholesale might not always be the best solution for your brand
  • Discovering your own strengths and weaknesses and learning to delegate
  • The power of eCommerce and talking directly to your customers
  • How producing personal content specifically for your audience is so important
  • How creating a VIP group gives powerful insight into new products and what your customers really want

Listen today to hear Cinzia share the Smoothie Bomb journey from the kitchen bench to a global brand!

Listen now.


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