Increasing online sales by 30%

How does growing your online sales by 30% sound?

And better yet, how about if that increase in sales was mostly generated by a systemised process?

Sounds pretty good right?

But what’s even more exciting is that these sales are coming from a database of customers YOU own! 

That’s right, today I am going to talk about the power of email and how you can create a strategy of receiving regular sales that’s not dependent on circumstances outside of your control (looking at you iOS14!).

In this weeks episode I walk you through all the ins and outs of increasing online sales via email:

  • Why I use and recommend Klaviyo
  • The importance of creating your own database of customers
  • How automated emails can be the power blaster in your marketing strategy when combined with paid advertising
  • What sort of emails you can and should automate 
  • How to ensure the right emails are being received by the right people
  • Subject lines, customer buyer journeys, product launches and so much more!

Listen now to discover how you can start implementing an email strategy to increase your online sales today!

Listen now.

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