The Most Important (& Often Forgotten) Steps In Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

It’s nothing new to eCommerce business owners: advertising via social media can be absolute gold for driving sales in your online store.

Once you take the leap and nail the ad formula that works for your target customer, you can really hone in and talk directly with potential new customers. 

You can convince them to buy your products and transforming them into raving fans that spread the good word about your biz far and wide.

That’s the aim, right?

But there is a big difference between creating an ad and creating a winning ad strategy that’s profitable.

It’s one thing to know how to set up an ad, but a whole different thing to be able to make money from them! 

Today I share with you:

  • Stories of campaigns that wasted thousands of dollars because. they didn’t do this one thing and what you need to look for instead. 
  • What should a profitable ad campaign look like.
  • Why it’s essential for your profit line to understand your metrics.
  • Why you shouldn’t expect to make all your profit from a customers first purchase.
  • Where and how to find the information you need to determine if your ad strategy is working. 

Listen today to discover the most important step in your Facebook Ad Campaigns and set yourself up for profitably now!

Listen now.


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The Most Important (& Often Forgotten) Steps In Your Facebook Ad Campaigns