Why You Need To Prioritise Creative Content In Your Paid Advertising

I am so excited to introduce you to today’s podcast guest! Sally Bingham is my Senior Facebook Manager here at Productpreneur Marketing and together we’ve worked behind the scenes behind many eCommerce brands with their marketing strategies.  

Today I get to talk to Sally about one of her areas of expertise and that is the aspect of storytelling and using creative and visual content in paid ads. And trust me when I say she’s seen it all! And today we get to hear from her on what has worked with campaigns she’s worked on but she also shares her expert opinion on what she sees when scrolling Facebook and a brand catches her eye. 

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it couldn’t be more true right now to grab our audiences attention when it comes to them scrolling on social media. 

It’s no longer enough to simply pop up a product image on a white background. You need to be able to create a story that will draw your audience in and invite them to engage with your brand. Using visual content to do that should be high on your priority list, and not as a last-minute thought when it comes to your ad campaigns. 

Today Sally and I discuss the dos and don’ts of using creatives in your advertising including:

  • What ARE creatives in advertising?
  • The importance of using creatives as a part of your brands story
  • Why we need a series of ads to reach our audience at different stages
  • Why your creatives should be different at each stage
  • Why and when you should update your content
  • In-depth analysis of creatives in our own campaigns that have and haven’t worked

Listen today to discover the importance of creatives in your advertising campaigns. 

Listen now.

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Why You Need To Prioritise Creative Content In Your Paid Advertising