Growing your business with social media

This episode is a MUST LISTEN for every brand owner who has an online presence. Whether you are a seasoned pro on social media, starting out or simply frustrated about constantly creating content on social media this episode with Kate vanderVoort is going to change the game for you and how you view social media as part of your business strategy.

Community and creating content for your audience are topics I’m big on right now but I know so many are you feel overwhelmed about the thought of being on social media 24/7 and having to constantly create all that content.

But today’s guest Kate vanderVoort will give you a whole new perspective on the community aspect of being where your customers need you to be, and why it’s vital to the overall conversation you want to be having with your audience. 

“The digital marketing industry has taken some interesting twists and turns … but it’s always come back to relationship and to community and that if you don’t have that underpinning everything else that you do, it diminishes the results that you can get.”

In today’s episode Kate shares with us:

  • Why community building and being engaged with your audience is so important
  • Some very clever strategies to find out what your audience wants to know
  • Why knowing who your audience is is key (and discover Kate’s FREE Avatar tool)
  • Tools and tricks on managing your time and resources when it comes to content building on social media
  • How organic social media supports your overall marketing strategy 

Listen now to discover how you can put community first in your social media strategy!

Listen now.

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