The 3 Keys to Profitable eCommerce Facebook Ads

If you’ve been feeling the pressure of how to keep up with the changes being rolled out by social media platforms right now, and asking yourself if it’s even worth continuing with paid advertising for your brand, then I’ve got an episode for you!

With Social Media platforms rolling out their algorithm changes in response to the Apple iOS14 update many brand owners are throwing up their hands and saying ‘why bother’. But as with all changes there are also opportunities and I see the current changes, while frustrating at first and something we’ll have to adapt to, as a huge potential for brands to get it right. To go back to content and customer-driven marketing and to really engage and connect with your audience 

Don’t forget, no matter what changes are made now or in the future, at the end of the day your main goal is to always connect with real people and to give them something that they need or want. And real people are always going to be attracted to real connection. And that is where your marketing strategy should start from. Which is why today I’m giving you these 3 key components of a profitable eCommerce ad that will connect with your audience regardless of the algorithm.

“We have this opportunity to think a lot more strategically about the marketing messages that will be most engaging and meaningful to our customers, rather than just relying on Facebook’s algorithm to put that image of your products in front of your buyers.”

Today I want to talk through the changes and share with you:

  • Why you shouldn’t be worried about the current situation and what you should be focusing on instead.
  • I answer the big question – Is it still worth advertising on social media?
  • When does social media advertising NOT work?
  • The 3 KEY components of a successful advertising campaign, regardless of current or future changes.

Listen now to start implementing these important 3 keys to profitable eCommerce Facebook ads!

Listen now.

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The 3 Keys to Profitable eCommerce Facebook Ads