The 5 Website Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!

Starting an online product business is very exciting indeed. And one of the most exciting steps for any new business owner is launching your shiny new website! 

So much work goes into launching any website, no matter if you have one product or 500. There’s the branding and the copy and photography, and don’t forget all the techy things like accepting payments or setting up shipping. 

But once you launch, how often do you go back to your website and review how it is performing?

How often do you take action on your own website as if you were one of your customers?

Unfortunately, many store owners launch and then simply never go back to see if their website is still current or performing as it should.

Which is why today I’ve asked my Head Website Designer and Conversion Expert, Narelle Spencer, onto the Podcast to discuss why it is SO important to review your website on a regular basis but also to find out what 5 common mistakes to keep an eye out for. 

People are online more than ever right now and spending BIG with eCommerce stores. But we’re also more savvy about buying online and with so many stores to buy from it can only take ONE of these mistakes for a shopper to abandon your store and buy from someone else. You can not afford to be making simple website mistakes. 

…a lot of small businesses…they set up their business and they make their websites and they make it pretty beautiful. And then they start to advertise and bring in that traffic and they’re not going back and actually analysing what’s going on when people are coming to their website. And also they’re looking at their website through their own eyes and not usually through the customer’s eyes. And that’s where the biggest downfall comes.

From inconsistent messaging to not being responsive on mobile, we’ve seen it all!  In today’s episode, Narelle and I discuss 5 really common marketing mistakes we see eCommerce stores make all the time, and what you should do instead.

Listen today to discover the 5 website mistakes you don’t want to make!

Listen now.

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The 5 Website Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!