Aligning Your Passions To Create A Business You Love with Louise M Shoes

Today’s interview is with Louise from Louise M Shoes and I think so many of you are going to really see yourself in Louise’s journey. Whether you are thinking about starting your own business or you’ve been through similar challenges with manufacturing and finding your values, there’s something here for everyone!

Louise Matson founded her very own luxury shoe brand for flight attendants and corporate women after experiencing a lack of luxury and comfortable shoes for her job as a flight attendant.  Louise knew how empowering it can be by putting on an amazing pair of shoes, and she wanted others to feel the same. But with no shoe on the market that ticked all the boxes, she created her own!

And so began her journey of travelling around the world to study the art of shoemaking, meeting with luxury leather brands in Italy and meeting with customers everywhere to give them a custom experience that is now synonymous with the Louise M brand. 

It really is a highlight for me that I am changing the way women can go about their day and empowering them.

In today’s episode Louise discusses:

  • Her journey from flight runways to the fashion runways of Milan;
  • How her passions of travel, luxury and women empowerment aligned;
  • The values important to Louise that are the foundations of Louise M Shoes;
  • How she navigated the overseas manufacturing process and what she learned;
  • The challenge of not being able to travel or meet with others during Covid;
  • How Louise crafts the customer experience to empower her audience and instils the Louise M brand at every single touchpoint; 
  • And so much more!

Listen as Louise shares her journey of how she aligned her passions of travel, luxury and female empowerment to create a luxury shoe brand. 

Listen now.

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Aligning Your Passions To Create A Business You Love with Louise M Shoes