Podcast Title Why Your Customers Aren't Buying From You

If you’re in the business of selling online, then most likely you’re always on the lookout for new ways to grow your sales. To convert more website visitors into paying customers.

You have all your marketing in place and a well-designed website with great products and descriptions, but what if your customers are STILL not buying!

Sometimes we can be just too close to our own business, too focused on the big picture, to see the red flags that are stopping our customers from buying. It can be hard for us to see the obvious mistakes and it’s not until we put our own customer hat on that we can see what’s going wrong.

In fact, it wasn’t until I had my own personal horror shopping experiences on two different websites that made me realise that it’s often the things we take for granted that can be a big red stop sign for our customers. 

So what do you need to look out for to make sure there’s nothing stopping YOUR customers from buying?

Find out in this episode as I discuss: 

  • The six typical reasons why customers aren’t buying from you 
  • Two surprising disasters that had me refusing to buy from these shops ever again
  • Four ways to gain customer trust in eCommerce

Listen in to find out why your customers may not be buying from you and what to do about it!

Listen now.

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