I love sitting with my guests and listening to not only how they got started in their business but how they’ve found the way that best suits them to grow and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

And today’s interview with Tracey, the founder of Adventure Snacks is a MUST listen!

Tracey shares with us her experiences from starting her own brand of healthy baking mixes to creating a super successful lunch box eCommerce store with thousands of followers and customers. 

What is truly inspiring though is how Tracey discovered the importance of community and how to engage with her audience. It’s never been more important to be creating content for your brand,  and today Tracey shares her 3 top tips on how to prioritise and think about creating content and the importance of engaging with her community. 

“I would say the biggest thing in creating that community is showing up as yourself, putting your face behind the brand… It just creates that rapport with people, that old saying, “People buy from people,” it’s totally true.”

Listen as Tracey shares her experience of how she built up a community of raving fans and her top 3 tips on how to create content for her brand. 

There is so much to takeaway from this episode with Tracey, so be sure to get ready to take lots of notes!

Listen now.

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