How To Automate Your New & Repeat Sales In 3 Easy Steps

Generate Over 1300% More Revenue Per Email Subscriber

On average, as an eCommerce store, around 20% of your total revenue is generated by email marketing.

Does that sound high to you? Or are you doing even better than that?

Where does email automation fit into this?

For most online stores, only about 2-8% is coming from automated triggered emails, such as an abandoned cart email.

Not so great huh.

You may be wondering why on earth I get so excited about this sales automation stuff then….

That low percentage makes absolutely no sense at all when you consider that automated emails out-perform broadcast or newsletter-style emails by pretty much every metric that matters.

  • Open rates are 165% higher.
  • Conversion rates are over 1500% higher.
  • And revenue per recipient is over 1300% higher!

Automated emails are true revenue-generating power houses when you put them to work.

So in today’s Podcast episode, I’m going to teach you how to leverage email automation to build stronger customer relationships and make more money.

Listen as I walk you through my 3 easy steps to automating your new and repeat eCommerce sales. 

(A.K.A setting up email funnels!) 

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There are only 3 ways to increase your sales and profits online:

  1. Increase the number of customers who buy from you,
  2. Increase your average order value, or
  3. Increase the frequency your customers buy from you.

By attracting the right people to your website, growing your email list and presenting the right offer or incentive in your follow-up email campaign, you can increase the number of customers buy from you AND potentially increase your average order value.

That’s sales automation in action right there!

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How To Automate Your New & Repeat Sales In 3 Easy Steps