How to take your online store from surviving to thriving


Case Study with Helen Trigg from Healthy Dog & Co

I’m so excited to bring you this case study – it’s for any online business owner who is sick of constantly being worried about where the next sale will come from and instead, focus on the parts of their business they actually enjoy!

Let me introduce you to Helen from Healthy Dog & Co and how she took her online store from surviving to thriving! 

Originally focused on selling her dog treat and accessories through wholesale to brick and mortar stores, Helen experienced that gut wrenching feeling of ‘How will I survive?” when her whole country went into severe lockdown and there WERE no brick and mortar stores open. It was time to get online!


“We already had a website up and running, but we weren’t really pushing it out there, or working hard on social media like you’re supposed to be, and we were doing all the wrong things.” Helen Trigg


Thankfully Helen discovered our Productpreneur Website Formula course through friends and enrolled straight away. What we saw from there was a complete turn around for Healthy Dog & Co. Where previously Helen would be wondering when the next sale might come from, she started seeing sales coming through every single day.

Discover how Helen took control of her online business and take it to the next level by:

  •  Digging deep into finding out who her customer was and what they actually cared about; 
  • How to craft a website and email messaging to speak directly to her customer;
  • What to focus on to actually drive traffic to her website instead of constantly second guessing herself.

“I would say we are now thriving, instead of just surviving. So before, we were just trying to put out fires in the business, and scramble to hold on and get the odd sale here and there. Now, I don’t have a day go by that have we haven’t got a sale.”


Join Helen and I as we walk through her journey to thriving with Healthy Dog & Co!

Listen now.


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