How The Mummary found new business focus

Case Study with Becc Warr from The Mummary

Have you ever gotten to a point in your business where you’re feeling lost and frustrated and don’t know what next step to take?

You might be wondering why all that time you spent on curating the perfect Instagram feed is not creating the traffic and sales you were sure it would bring in.

Or perhaps you feel like you’ve lost touch with what you wanted to achieve in the first place or no longer felt engaged with your customers. 

If you’ve been in any of the above stages of your business you are certainly not alone! I know I experienced all of these many times throughout my business, or at least until I discovered how to super laser my focus on what actually would drive my business forward. And with that discovery came more motivation and energy to spend my time on tasks I enjoyed AND brought the success I thought was being all too elusive.

And this is exactly what our podcast guest today Becc Warr discovered during the last round of our Productpreneur Website Formula!

“Before, I had no certainty. My priorities were not right. I didn’t have a direction, no execution of ideas. I was literally running on the edge of my seat kind of thing. I wasn’t planning. There was no purpose.” Becc Warr – The Mummary

Sound familiar?

Becc was a recent graduate of our Productpreneur Website Formula and amazed us all with her turnaround from lost to supercharged focus AND launching a brand new product, the MUMoments Journal.

Join Becc and I as she shares her journey with and discover how she found a whole process for launching and building an audience and growing her business.

Listen now.

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