In a world where we live in a constant scroll of news and images and videos and ads it’s becoming harder than ever to actually get someone to stop and pay attention. To actually SEE your instagram post or Facebook ad or even your creative email in a sea of visual overload.

But it can be done! Have a think about some of your favourite brands that not only makes you stop scrolling but you also start to anticipate hearing from them. Maybe a humorous brand like Who Gives A Crap, or storytelling platform Humans of New York. Consider the consistent visual branding of Go-To Skincare or messaging by Seed & Sprout Co that helps you become more sustainable at home. 

What do all these brands have in common? A strong non-verbal brand identity.  

Where every single touch point, whether it be on their Instagram or in their emails or in an ad that pops up in Facebook, you instantly connect and anticipate what they have to say.  You already know how they are going to make you feel and you want more of it!

But how can you bring that same level of anticipation to your brand without actually jumping up and down and saying Look at Me! 

“People are looking for communication and connection.” – Janelle Changuion, Green + Bare

Today I speak with experienced brand designer turned Productpreneur Janelle Changuion to talk about how having a scroll stopping brand is so much more than creating a logo. 

We discuss:

  • Why it’s so important to create a brand based on values and how to communicate that to your audience
  • Why not having a visual brand identity  leaves you struggling to attract and engage with your ideal with ideal customers
  • How to establish trust with your audience and why consistency is key.
  • Why designing a brand has nothing to do with your logo

No matter what product you sell, even in a flooded market, you CAN make your branding and photography stand out from the crowd.

Janelle and I share our experiences with the good and the not so good branding that we’ve seen and explain how important it is to showcase your brands values and personality. Having this deep connection on every single touchpoint to create a brand that not only stops the scroll but also becomes memorable and loved by your audience.

Listen as Janelle and I share how to design a brand that will stop the scroll! 

Listen now.

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