Ecommerce Fulfilment: All Your Questions Answered

Ah Shipping. The final piece of the puzzle that keeps your eCommerce business humming!

But, packing and shipping of your products, which you’ve just spent months getting online and marketing, is one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle and if it goes wrong it can disappoint your customers and even worse, ruin your brand reputation. 

Not to mention the countless hours of your valuable time spent wrapping and packing, working out box dimensions, evaluating Australia Post and courier prices, figuring out how to get labels printed…. Argh! It never ends! And then what happens if a customer says they haven’t received their parcel? ?

You’ve managed to control every aspect of your business up to this point and now you just hand over your valuable product to complete strangers and you have NO control over what happens next??  Now, I haven’t met an eCommerce business owner yet who doesn’t have some level of control issues so this is basically nightmare stuff, right!

The customer’s experience of your brand is not over once they submit their payment details.  Having an easy and quick shipping process is vital for your business.

Whether you are starting up and looking at options or you’re an established business trying to decide if a 3PL is worth it, no online shop can escape fulfillment and shipping. And with the busiest year on record for eCommerce and shipping logistics, it’s really important to get your processes streamlined so that you can free up your valuable time and money and also be able to ensure your customers get their order or know what to do if it doesn’t show up. But it can be really difficult to know what all your options are and how to decide what works best for your business.

So we called up an expert!

Kristy Rigby is not only the owner of a super successful online store, Babiators but she and her husband also own and operate a Third Party Logistics company, Boutique Brands, that takes care of fulfillment for boutique eCommerce brands. They know a thing or two about how to get an order from the cha-ching on your website through to arriving on your customer’s doorstep.

Here are just some of the frequently asked questions we cover:

  • How do I set up stock in a warehouse for easy picking and how to have an efficient process?
  • How do I choose the right couriers? Cost vs reliability vs speed?
  • How much should I spend on shipping costs?
  • How can I automate order processing on my website?
  • How to manage pre-orders?
  • I spend all my time answering emails from customers about their parcel? How can I streamline this?
  • When is it time to hire or outsource for fulfillment?
  • How to choose/evaluate a Third Party Logistics provider

I’m really excited about this episode because it answers SO many questions that come up with my clients and students. 

So without further ado, let me welcome Kristy to the show, and let’s get to answering the BIG questions on how to efficiently get your parcels to your customers!

Listen as Kristy and I answer your questions about shipping and fulfillment.

Listen now.

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Ecommerce Fulfilment: All Your Questions Answered