How To Design A Killer Facebook Ad Funnel For Your Online Store

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite subjects – paid ads. Specifically, paid Facebook ads. 

I want to walk you through the case study of a project we’ve been working on for our client MadMia.

MadMia is one of the most colourful and fun clothing brands I’ve seen or worked with – definitely check them out if you have kids!

When we started working together, we helped increase MadMia’s revenue from Facebook ads by 100% in 2 months.

Sounds pretty good, right? 

We’ll let’s break down how we did that for you. 

How Facebook ads DON’T work

As business owners, we like to think that everyone who needs a product like ours will automatically be interested when they see our ad. We talk our product up in the hope that people will recognise our product as being exactly right to suit our needs.

Unfortunately, that’s not how advertising works.

Most people do not login to Facebook with the primary intention of making a purchase. 

Bottom line is this: What looks like the fastest route to getting a purchase is, in fact, a direct line to losing the attention and interest of the people you want to reach.

You simply won’t get the clicks.

What’s the purpose of your ad?

Too many advertisers are trying to do too much with their ad. Specifically, they are trying to attract a cold audience AND sell, all in one ad.

So if the purpose of your Facebook ad is not to get the purchase, what is it?

Think of a sale as being a series of small actions or steps. Step 1 is to get their attention (ie stop scrolling their newsfeed long enough to look at your ad). Step 2 is for them to read your text. Third is for them to click on your ad.

Once they’ve clicked on your ad it’s up to your website to complete the process. This may be a two step process – sign up to your email list and then retarget them to get them to buy your product.

So you see, the purpose of your ad is simple: it’s to get the click.

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Hopefully this makes it really easy and actionable for you to start running more effective and profitable Facebook ads in your own business!

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How To Design A Killer Facebook Ad Funnel For Your Online Store