Highlights of 2020: Celebrating The Wins From This Crazy Year...

Highlights of 2020: Celebrating The Wins From This Crazy Year…

As we draw towards the close of this crazy year that we have been living through in 2020, let’s take a moment to reflect on the year that’s been.

I know that there’s so much that’s been written about and said about this year, and a lot of it is pretty negative. I don’t dismiss the difficulties many have experienced this year at all, but I also don’t want to add to that kind of content. 

I really wanted to create an episode that’s a little bit uplifting, and a little bit inspiring. An episode to light on some of the amazing things that some very clever people have managed to achieve this year.

I love the concept that “what you put your focus on flourishes”, and so we really want to put our focus on the good stuff, right?

My intent with this episode is to provide you with some inspiration, some food for thought and some ideas for yourself moving forward, and also just a little bit of motivation. 

Take inspiration from what others have managed to do, and use it as fuel for what you can potentially achieve as well. 

At the end, I invite you to pause and reflect on your own year as well, to put your focus on the things you’re proud of, big or small.

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Highlights of 2020: Celebrating The Wins From This Crazy Year...