What difference does a well-designed website make?

Whether you’re new to eCommerce and needing to set up your first website, or you’ve been running for a while and might be considering making some changes or improvements, it’s worth stopping to think about what difference it potentially makes when it comes to your site design. 

People ask me all the time, “What is the best Shopify (or WordPress) theme?”

And, “I want to grow my sales – how do I get more traffic?”

Yet when I dig a little deeper, I discover that the website is running on a free Shopify theme, or the website is poorly designed, and the conversion rate is pretty dismal. 

I think in this last situation it can be pretty common for businesses to build their first website and tick that job off their to-do list and move on, thinking it’s done and they don’t need to pay it any more attention.

In reality, the design and functionality of your website is absolutely critical. 

Just think about it. Maybe compare it to a brick and mortar retail store. If you had a beautiful looking shop in a great location, the windows nicely styled and a space that was really inviting for customers to come in, you’re likely to do a lot better than having a dingy, dark space in an out-of-the-way location with ugly window displays and a generally uninviting look to it. 

Your website is your shop front and it’s impossible to do well in business if it’s not designed to be inviting to your ideal customers, or have the functionality to operate in the way that it needs to to facilitate your customers buying and receiving what they want.

When it comes to eCommerce, the design of your website plays a major role. A great design can increase your conversion rate, create an awesome experience for customers, and  increase your sales revenue over time. A bad design can confuse, turn off or frustrate your customers and sales will suffer.

Today, I share the reasons why the design of your website is so important if you want to succeed in eCommerce. 

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What difference does a well-designed website make?